Titans Coatings®

Titans Coatings® offers a range of premium quality quartz-based products for outstanding detailing performance.

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Long-Lasting Shine and Protection

These technologies have significantly enhanced pre-existing coatings, and Titans Coatings® research and development teams are dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring Their supremacy and driving the industry towards greater protection and innovative solutions. Titans Coatings® is an ISO 9001 certified company, signifying that they uphold the highest standards for you and your clients by consistently monitoring and improving their products, processes, and management.

Application Range

Discover Titans Coatings® Range of High-Performance Coatings

Our Titans Coatings® Packages using the Titans Coatings® Professional Range:

PPF Coatings

Paint Coatings ​

Windscreen Coating​

Wheel Coating​

Leather Coating​


Convertible Soft Tops